The Farmhouse
              - indoor accommodation at Gradbach Scout Camp
Border Hike Itinerary
The Courtyard - Venue for the Award
                      presentation cermeony on Sunday morning
    The Courtyard at Gradbach - venue for the Award Ceremony on the Sunday morning.

Gradbach Camp Chapel - Venue for the
                      'Scouts Own' service on Sunday morning before the
                      presentation ceremony
   The Camp Chapel - venue for the 'Scouts Own' service, preceding the Award ceremony.

Itinerary For The Border Hike Weekend

Want to know what to expect during the weekend? It's all here:


Arrive on the Friday afternoon or evening and set up camp

Book in with Hike Control before 11pm!

When booked in your team will be given kit check, start times etc


Kit check starts at 7am onwards in the yard area

After kit check the Scout teams go to Control in the Farmhouse to be started at the appropriate time. Explorer teams complete the orienteering and then go to control. All teams are given the route and an ongoing incident to complete

The teams then go to Incident 1 in the marquee where the teams plan their route and have it checked/marked by a member of the sweep team before leaving site.

The teams then set off from Gradbach on their hike.

The teams are set a route that identifies a number of Checkpoints, Incidents and Via points.

At all Checkpoints the team will be timed in and asked to sign that they have been at the Checkpoint.

A number of Incidents will be set around the course, which the teams will complete. These may take the form of tasks that test team work, scouting/guiding, general knowledge or even a bit of fun!

The route is circular and ends back at Gradbach where the teams book into Control, hand in the ongoing Incident and have a nice cup of soup with a bread roll. All teams are hoped to be back by dusk.

During the hike the competitors are followed around the route by the sweep team on foot and mobile support. All checkpoints, the sweep team and mobile support are in radio contact with control to help ensure all teams stay on route and if teams get lost they are found quickly.

The evening is then left free for recuperation, trip to the chip shop etc. We will normally organise entertainment for Scouts and Scouters. In recent years this has included live bands and an on-site movie theatre with widescreen projection and amplified surround sound.


At approximately 10.00am* there is Scout Own for all people involved in the hike held in the open-air chapel at Gradbach.

Following the Scouts Own (approximately 10.30am*) the presentation takes place in the yard where all teams are rewarded for completing and the winning teams are presented with the trophies.

All groups are then free to leave site at their leisure.

*Exact times may vary and will be confirmed on the weekend.